Proper Preparation Tips For Winter Every Homeowner Should Know

Regular roof repair and maintenance is necessary for sustaining a properly functioning roof. Your roof should be inspected under normal circumstances at least once or twice a year. It’s typically best to have your roof inspected once before the warmer season and once before the colder season. This is because winter and its side effects of hail, sleet, and snow can leave a detrimental impact on your home’s roofing shingles and insulation. However, with proper maintenance and roofing winterization, you can ensure that your roof will be ready to take on the wintry weather. Preparing your roof for winter storms Whether your winters are harsh or gentle, snow can build […]

How To Identify Hail Damage On Your Roof

With colder weather on the way, it’s important for American homeowners to know the signs of roofing damage. Your home’s roof is what protects you, your family, and your personal property from the wet and the cold. Any gaps in your asphalt shingles or curling in your slate roofing shingles can cause water damage in your attic and walls. However, one type of weather phenomenon many Americans don’t often think about because of its rare appearance is hail. Yet hail can cause a surprising amount of damage on a roof should the impact be strong enough. Here are some of the most common ways to identify a hail damaged roof […]