roof winterizationRoof winterization is exceptionally important with colder weather on the way. The type of damage caused by snow, sleet, and hail is unique to winter and can result in excessive damage to the roof’s materials, shingles, and overall construction.

During these upcoming colder months, the ventilation and insulation of your home will be tested by the wintry weather. However, with the right kind of insulation and ventilation, you can help to protect your roof from ice dams and other detrimental roofing damage.

The problem of ice dams
Ice dams are layers, or ridges, of ice that are created along the edge of the roof. These layers keep melting snow from draining off the roof. Ice dams can be incredibly problematic.

On an average roof, a single inch of rainwater adds up to a total of 1,900 gallons of water moving into the gutters. Trapped on a roof, the water can not only leak into a home’s roofing shingles, but also the ceiling, insulation, and walls.

The danger of roof avalanches
Another problem homeowners may face during the winter are roof avalanches. Depending on the type of roofing you have, snow can build up on the roof and then release abruptly without warning. 

Crossbars are sometimes used to help retain the amount of snow on the roof to prevent the weight of the snow from causing damage to people and property walking below the home or building.

How to prevent a roof collapse
Unfortunately, what roof avalanches and ice dams have in common is that, on rare but dangerous occasions, they can lead to a roof collapse. With proper roofing repair and with the strength of class 4 shingles, a home’s roof can take quite a lot of weather damage. However, the weight of snow and water can be a significant concern for any household.

Should snow begin to build up on your roof, it may be in your best interest to contact a professional roofing company that can use a roof rake to remove the snow. Roof rakes allow for efficient and safe snow removal from the home when used by a professional. However, when not used professionally during roof winterization, damage can be caused to the roof shingles which may result in leaks.

Roof winterization is essential for any home prone to snow, sleet, and hail. To properly prepare for the colder season, be sure to have your roofing inspected and repaired by a professional today.